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The Weather channel info is generally pretty good, but remember it's for Antalya, on the coast.
Bezirgan is in the mountains, so is much cooler and much much less humid. As a general rule, in summer the mountains are around 7C cooler than the coast during the day, and the nights are cool, which means that your sleep will be much pleasanter and more comfortable - it doesn't get sticky, and we don't need air conditioners!
Early Spring (March & April) & late Autumn (October) nights can be cool, bring a cardigan or a fleece. For these seasons, we put woodburning stoves in all the rooms.

The best site for detailed local weather forecasts that we've found (and thanks to Ernst for showing it to us!) is one for sailors : but again, remember it'll be about 8 degrees cooler here in the mountains.

For details of how to get to Owlsland, see our "Getting Here" page.
For road maps of Turkey, see our "Useful links" page.

DALAMAN is nearest, 160km or two-and-a-half hours' drive. Next is ANTALYA, 200km or three-and-a-quarter hours' drive. For more info, see our "Getting Here" page.

Lots of charter flights available, prices vary, there are good offers around. Scheduled flights are available from Turkish Airlines, Easyjet. See our "Useful Links" page

Both Dalaman and Antalya have offices for the big companies (Avis, Hertz, Europacar). It's generally cheaper, however, to shop around. For Dalaman, there are loads of companies in Fethiye & Göcek, and for Antalya in Cirali or Antalya itself. Try a search on the internet, or see our "Useful Links" page.
There are also many companies in Kalkan.
In most cases, if you ask at the time of booking, they will agree to have the car at the airport to meet your 'plane, and at the end of your holiday will either pick the car up from the airport, or else on its return to their office will agree to take you to the airport for your departure.
Make sure when you're booking that you know exactly what's included in their charges - ask if the insurance is third party or comprehensive, ask if it covers tyres & windscreens. If you want child seats, there's generally an extra charge. Ask!

Is no problem, except possibly in Istanbul which is VERY busy. The roads are generally good, signposting on the main roads is reasonable. Always carry your Driving Licence & the insurance and papers for the car, which you'll have to present if you're stopped at the very common Police random traffic checks.

Kalkan PTT is open 09.00 - 17.00 Mon-Sat. It has an ATM.
Most towns have a PTT, others near here are Kas, Fethiye and Elmali.

Kalkan has seven banks; T.C Ziraat Bank, Deniz Bank, Is, Akbank, Garanti, Finansbank & Yapikredi.
open Mon-Fri 09.00 - 12.30 & 13.30 - 17.00. Each has an ATM.
Undoubtedly most helpful and with most reasonable charges is the T.C Ziraat Bank. Yapikredi charges are outrageously high, so it's best avoided. Kas and Fethiye have also many different banks.

Is the Turkish Lira (TL). The exchange rates vary day-to-day, though the currency is much more stable than formerly. You'll get a much better exchange rate in Turkey than abroad, so don't change money before you come, except perhaps a few TL to buy petrol, food etc on your journey.
If you need to change money at the airport, use the PTT there, because the banks at the airports give VERY low rates.
Many places on the coast will accept Euros, Sterling or American dollars, inland take TL.
You can change money at the Post Office (PTT), most banks, or Exchange Offices. Check the rates, they can vary quite considerably.
Travellers' Cheques can be problematic; the T.C. Ziraat bank (Kalkan, Kas, Fethiye) is good and doesn't charge commission, Post Offices on the coast (but not inland) are fine, and take 1%, most of the other banks either won't change them or take VERY high commission.

Many places accept credit cards (but not Debit cards), including most petrol stations.
You can find ATMs at any bank, including the ones in Kalkan, and most banks will give cash from a credit card providing you have your pin number. Elsewhere, many places will offer cash from a credit card, BUT be sure to check the rate they're charging - 20% isn't unknown!

This is a great area for watching the night sky - we have clean, clear air with very little light pollution, so you can see planets, stars and other celestial phenomena which aren't easy to see in Europe. Comets, eclipses, shooting stars, we've watched them all! For those of us who're none too sure what we're looking at, there's a good website on Set the location as 36N 29E, move the sky with the pointers, and see what there is to see....

About Owlsland Bed & Breakfast Self Catering Places to go round Kalkan Photos of Bezirgan Prices & Booking
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