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"Good value family holidays in Turkey" An article from "The Guardian" by Annabelle Thorpe March 22nd 2013

"Holiday in the Turkish Hills" An article from "The Times", March 16th 2008 by the writer Jeremy Seal, about places to visit in the mountains and off the beaten track.

"Head inland for Turkish delight" An article from "The Times", February 12th 2005 about places to visit near the Mediterranean coast of Turkey away from the beach resorts.

"Unspoilt Turkey" An article from "The Observer", June 4th 2006, about places to visit which aren't "touristy".

"Binoculars or beer - a tale of two tourists" An article from "The Times" November 19th 2005, where Justin Francis of cites Owlsland as a "green" destination.

"The land where time stood still" An article from "The Observer", Sunday May 11th 2003 about Bezirgan and Owlsland. Website about Bezirgan, the "yayla" or summer village for Kalkan, which has information on local people, buildings & wildlife. good website which converts any currency to any other currency. A good site for flights from the UK to Turkey. website - cheap flights from London Stansted, German, Austrian & Swiss airports to Turkey. Another cheap flights site. still another. For anyone interesting in trekking; website & book by Kate Clow about The Lycian Way, a walking route from Fethiye to Antalya, voted one of the world's 10 top walks by "The Sunday Times". It passes within 5 minutes'walk of Owlsland. A really nice site with details of eco-friendly & organic places to stay and to eat worldwide.

Kalkan Private Rentals A new rental site designed specifically for owners renting their luxury self-catering apartment, townhouse and villa properties in Kalkan. Amazingly accurate weather site especially for sailors, but giving great forecasts on winds, rain and sunshine helpful for walkers, tourists, swimmers, and anyone who wants to know the weather! Turkish government weather site, with detailed forecasts, satellite images, expected and average monthly temperatures, visibility - all you want to know about the weather anywhere in Turkey. an amazing site offering a virtual planetarium, a map of the night skies. Set the location at 36N, 29E, and you can see exactly what you'll be able to look at from Owlsland. Since this area has very clear, clean air with very little light pollution, it's great for star-gazing.

Turkey - e-visa application system From April 2014 Turkey goes on to a new visa system - visas to enter the country will no longer be available at the airports. You MUST apply online IN ADVANCE for an e-visa.

Kalkan Association for the Protection of Street Animals website for non-profit organisation run by dedicated volunteers who care about Kalkan's street animals and strive to make their lives healthier and happier. Read about them and better yet, send them some money!
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Click on the link to open a Google map of Kalkan - Bezirgan

Google map of Kalkan - Bezirgan

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Google map of Elmali - Bezirgan

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